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Gatley Heritage Lottery Syndicate

Following on from a Gatley Village Partnership meeting a group got together to form a Lottery Syndicate with the prime purpose of seeing if we can generate the funds through winning on the Euro Millions.  Members of the Syndicate contribute £10.00 and for every £100 collected £10s worth of lottery tickets will be purchased.  So if we have 10 participants each giving £10 - 5 lottery tickets will be purchased for the Friday draw for 10 weeks.  The more people that get involved the more chance we have of winning.  Once 10 times the original stake has been won half will be banked for Gatley Heritage and half paid to Syndicate members.
For example if 100 people joined the lottery and each gave £10.00 that is £1000 to be spread over the 10 weeks in lottery tickets.  Purchasing 50 tickets per week.  Once we have won a minimum of £10,000 (10 times the original stake) £5,000 will be saved for Gatley Heritage and the other £5000 shared out with Syndicate Members.  So as one of the Syndicate members your share of the remaining £5,000 (having invested in one unit (£10.00)) would be £50.00.  We may, of course, win nothing or we may win "the big one".

Imagine if we did win "the big one" and had enough money to purchase the Tatton site, renovate the Tatton site and then develop it as a community resource it would be returned to its former glory.  It might not be as a 30's cinema but it would be something we could all be proud of and proud that we helped make it happen.

We will be adding more information but in the meantime keep an eye out for the Gatley Heritage Lottery Syndicate Application Forms which will be available at shops in the village.  The latest Gatley Shop Local is currently being distributed and there is more information in there.
Download the Application Form

New Numbers for Week 12 - 6 January 2012

The lottery numbers for this week's draw are:
04 17 21 22 24 - 07 11
05 07 29 34 37 - 03 05
11 18 26 28 32 - 02 10
05 16 20 31 33 - 08 09
03 06 23 28 45 - 03 10
15 19 35 36 42 - 01 04
01 06 11 13 43 - 03 09
04 13 26 45 48 - 08 11
The Millionaire Rqaffle Numbers are:
JZG 303239 - 303243
JZG 304070 - 304072

Friday 4 November

Another small win - at least we are consistant!

Another small win

Another small win last Friday - they are going up in value - let us hope the pattern continues this week!

First Draw

Didn't win the big one but we did generate a contribution to the pot.
We are on the way!

First Lottery Draw

The Gatley Heritage Lottery Syndicate is underway with the first draw taking place on Friday.  We will be posting the numbers on GatleyNet in the Syndicate Group as soon as we have everything collated.
A big THANK YOU to all of you who are taking part in the first syndicate. 

Fingers crossed for Friday.

Join the Syndicate

Application Forms are now available for Gatley Residents to join the Gatley Heritage Lottery Syndicate.  Available in units of £10.00 the first draw will take place on Friday 21 October and then for the following 9 weeks.
Any money won, above a minimum amount, will be shared 50% to the Fund and the remaining 50% shared amongst the Syndicate Members. 

Application Forms are available throughout the village and can be downloaded here.

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