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BOSSco is now on Stonepail Road, Gatl...


Illuminarte has move out of Buxton St...


After nearly 15 years on Gatley Road...


Mayflower, the Chinese Takeaway on Ga...


A planning application has been submi...

Gatley Group Posts

  • Commencing at 7.00pm, St James Church Hall, the agenda for the meeting is as follows:   1. Apologies & Introductions 2. Notes of last meeting & Matters Arising (January 2013) 3. Police update 4. Town and District Centres Management Team Update 5. Gatley Green...
  • As you may be aware, The Council needs to reduce its spending by approximately £24 million over the next two years.  We aim to achieve this through our programme for change which includes a range of proposals for changing what we do and how we do it.   Please read the background...
  • GATLEY NEWSLETTER-AUGUST Joint Anti-Social Behaviour Patrols Summer holidays started for many school children on 20 th  July. Due to this we did a joint patrol with local councillorsand the anti-social behaviour team which was a greatexample of partnership working. ASB Offenders Three youths...
  • GATLEY NEWSLETTER-JULY Anti-Social Behaviour Patrols Historically Gatley has a problem with anti-social behaviour in the summer months. As a result the Gatley team has put together a patrol plan to combat the hot spot areas. These include Scholes Park, Beech Avenue, Church Road, Skate Board Park...
  • The next Gatley Village Partnership Meeting takes place at St James Church on Tuesday 10 July at 7pm.  The Agenda and Minutes will be added next week.
  • The next Gatley Village Partnership Meeting takes place at St James Church on Tuesday 24 April at 7pm.  The Agenda and Minutes are attached.
  • The lottery numbers for this week's draw are: 04 17 21 22 24 - 07 11 05 07 29 34 37 - 03 05 11 18 26 28 32 - 02 10 05 16 20 31 33 - 08 09 03 06 23 28 45 - 03 10 15 19 35 36 42 - 01 04 01 06 11 13 43 - 03 09 04 13 26 45 48 - 08 11   The Millionaire Rqaffle Numbers are: JZG 303239 - 303243 JZG...
  • Barry is to part use his shop as a Manchester United gift shop. Liver pool supporters will be banned.  
  • Another small win - at least we are consistant!
  • Another small win last Friday - they are going up in value - let us hope the pattern continues this week!
  • Didn't win the big one but we did generate a contribution to the pot. We are on the way!
  • The Gatley Heritage Lottery Syndicate is underway with the first draw taking place on Friday.  We will be posting the numbers on GatleyNet in the Syndicate Group as soon as we have everything collated. A big THANK YOU to all of you who are taking part in the first syndicate.  Fingers...
  • Application Forms are now available for Gatley Residents to join the Gatley Heritage Lottery Syndicate.  Available in units of £10.00 the first draw will take place on Friday 21 October and then for the following 9 weeks. Any money won, above a minimum amount, will be shared 50% to the Fund...
  • Minutes to follow. This very meeting had some very interesting points of discussion including: The Localism Bill and what that might mean to the Village Partnership, Community Groups and Gatley as a whole.  The Bill goes through Parliament in April. The progress of the clock and the enthusiasm...
  • The next meeting of the Gatley Village Partnership is on Tuesday 28th June at St James Church Hall.  All welcome.  Guest on the night will be Paul Lawrence, Service Director Regeneration, at Stockport Council.  He will be giving us an update on the Tatton Cinema site.
  • Update on the fundraising and some news. The community and local businesses have generously donated nearly £3,000 and the donations are still coming here.  Many thanks to all your generosity. Tesco has been approached and the Co-op are joining in with the fundraising. A response is on the...
  • At the meeting on the 8th February the attendees did a short session on the village - looking at positive and negative attributes.  Additional feedback since the meeting is a Village Clean Up Day, improving the pavements and signage.
  • This has been confirmed by Royal Mail and Trading Standards. A card is posted through your door from a company called PDS ( Parcel Delivery Service ). suggesting that they were unable to deliver a parcel and that you need to contact them on 09066611911 ( a premium rate number). DO NOT call this...
  • Thursday 7 October 2010 at 7.00pm Venue: St James Church Hall (small meeting room) AGENDA 1.    Apologies & Introductions      2.    Notes of meeting on 10th June 2010 3.    Matters arising and progress on ongoing issues   ...
  • Fun time for Male carers and children under 4yrs. Bacon butties are seved! All Welcome.

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