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There are Lies , Dammed lies and just plain Fibs.

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pegwin's picture
Joined: 29/03/2010

I am sure the there are some who  are looking forward to our next local election with some interest , as opposed  to those who  have other thoughts.    However does  the increasing deluge of political pamphlets through our doors do anything to help us to decide  exactly where  our 'X' should be annotated .   
Quite often  such publications are so perverse  in subject matter  that the truth is lost in a  swirling morass of  deceit and confusion  and anyone who considers  the most recent issue to be the absolute  acme of truth could not be more wrong.
By their very nature each  political opponent will  use  as much chicanery and deceit  as he/she deems appropriate in order  to   outperform and  outmanouevre the other  ,on paper , in order to achieve political supremacy,  but  at the end of the day you may be sure that  it is you that will  have to  provide the ultimate impression.  
So please do not rely upon the most recent publcations  for an accurate assessment of who did what , and when.     Instead you should  read , if you still have them , copies of earlier  publications  and so come to your own conclusions  about what exactly has been said , or done !

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goose101's picture
Joined: 29/03/2010

Or we could all put an end to this constant tit for tat name calling and vote Labour!!!
We have a great local Labour candidate in Colin Owen a clear message to the other parties to grow up and a change to the political landscape in Cheadle and Gatley that in my opinion is well over due.

John Hartley
John Hartley's picture
Joined: 25/03/2010

Perhaps unsurprisingly, it seems to have got a bit tetchy between the parties in their election leaflets.
First the Lib Dems publish a leaflet criticising Tory proposals to switch off street lights and to take council money from Cheadle & Gatley to keep open a leisure centre in the Heatons.
Then the Tories put out a leaflet saying the Lib Dems are telling porkies.
Now the Lib Dems have another leaflet saying it's the Tories who are making false claims. The leaflet adds "We are always happy to produce the evidence to back up what we say. If you want to see the evidence for yourself , just get in touch."
For me, it all comes down to matters of trust. We should expect our elected representatives to be open and honest. Folk have to make their own decisions about who they think is being open and honest. Anyone wanting to see the Lib Dem evidence supporting their claims can, presumably, email Keith Holloway at his published email address -

Digger (not verified)
Digger's picture

Think you're right, Ron. The point-scoring is getting tiresome and when both claim the same points it becomes silly.

Rambling Ron
Rambling Ron's picture
Joined: 25/03/2010

I suppose some of the local MP's reflect what we see on national TV.
The lies, cheesy photographs, and general pathetic  concern over the billions wasted each year by the government.
The back stabbing skullduggery, and lies, makes a mockery of the person and the so called party they stand for.

I heard a "Thankyou" sign had to be taken down. How pathetic is that!!!
Saying thankyou to to people that cared to help to save the clock.
Some of our local politicians are pathetic, and have in my opinion no right  to be Councillors. Whoever voted for these people wasted their vote. 

A small group of people are making a difference for the benefit of the community, because they care. Whilst the average person does nothing but watch mindless tv and playing on the computer, some folk are making a difference in Gatley. Would be nice to see young people getting involved in the community, wonder what they do. Just me rambling like i do, i am sure other people think along the same lines, but not as vocal.
Rambling Ron


Digger (not verified)
Digger's picture

I had a phone call from Mr Roberts 2 weeks ago, we've had a visit from Mrs King and today the latest Conservative leaflet.
I sometimes think the councillors feel that they've got to do something about everything. For example, in his leaflet Mr Jones is looking at traffic lights or a roundabout for "road calming" at the junction where Broadway meets Kingsway. Something to do with a cyclist being injured there a while back. No details were given of the incident, whether it was the motorist or cyclists fault, etc. But he cannot be serious about his proposals?!!!  

pegwin's picture
Joined: 29/03/2010

You've hit the nail on the head Digger.
It  could  only  have been our  elected M.P. Mark Hunter  that visited you ,only to refer your request to one of his acolytes , Iain Roberts  or Pam King ( aka. Pamuni )  for action..  
The  disappointing  outcome  , especially  from those who specialise in  manipulating the truth  at both local and national levels ,should come  as no real  surprise  to anyone who takes time to read the  available evidence . And all this despite their despite  the  perverse  Lib Dem claims to the contrary.............. Nuff  said !!!!!!

Digger (not verified)
Digger's picture

Another easy yardstick is how many of the items that you report to your councillor which actually get fixed, or even any feedback. I have at least 3 items that were promised attention, then nothing. On one occasion our local MP came to the door, my wife told him that we were still awaiting a response from a councillor, he said that he'd pass the message on to the person who was canvassing in the next street - nothing. It's no good them asking us for our issues and feedback then doing nothing, yet spouting off how proactive they are.

John Hartley
John Hartley's picture
Joined: 25/03/2010

Oh, yes. I have quite a collection of earlier leaflets. Your thread title perhaps says it all.
No doubt there will come an opportunity to mention some of these leaflets on forum threads ;-)


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