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Play Area Scholes Park. Saints + Sinners

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Rambling Ron
Rambling Ron's picture
Joined: 25/03/2010

Just wanted to say thank you, to the very nice folk who collected the rubbish up this morning from the children's play area.
The local irresponsible juveniles, who have no respect for the facilities, the park, or the local community, left their usual waste.
I guess they expect their mummies and daddies to clear up after them.
The folk who cleared up today, are people who care, and were just disgusted. Hope the council empty the bins, otherwise the park area is not fit for toddles and young children to play in.
A lot of effort went into providing the play area, it nice to see it being used.

One of these local heroes, told me they filled up bin bags and took them away to dispose. The bins on the park are overflowing, Please Please can we have them emptied.
Also broken glass is an issue. Could a number on a sign be displayed, so in case like this the council could respond. I remember seeing a small but very effective team, in the early morning, clearing rubbish from outside shops. Just making the place look nicer.
Just wondering if the council are responsible for public areas and footpaths, and if so, if one is hurt or cut by broken glass can the council be sued. After all the council want people to enjoy the parks, so good house keeping must be on the agenda.

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pegwin's picture
Joined: 29/03/2010

Abstruse or Obtuse  -  That is the question.
Surely you know that a simple typographical error  cannot diminish the meaning of  a descriptive word ,  used in the right context.  Whilst I accept your scholastic rebuke in the first instance please be aware that the definition of the word A.B.S.T.R.U.S.E  is recorded  as  - hard to understand; profound.    Why therefore  will you not explain just what  was the intent of your publication of the    comment   'Mick Who?'
Presumption  of intent  is invariably wrong in such cases  so I will refrain, but will you please indicate  just what you meant  by your cryptic  comment and let us all off the hook ?

kruella's picture
Joined: 06/06/2010

What does abtruse mean ?
Did you mean abstruse or obtuse?
I can recommend a good English teacher

pegwin's picture
Joined: 29/03/2010

For goodness sake  -  Leave it off  'Kruella'


Your most recent curt,  cynical  and questionably vituperative post of 13/8  - ''Mick who ?"" is indicative of a very small mind with no  indication of  any improvement in the near future. . 


Why else would you take the trouble to publish  a comment that in the absence of any attributable source or destination , puts  the question of ' intent  of purpose '  very much into the abtruse.


The time has come to allow  local things political to R.I.P 





kruella's picture
Joined: 06/06/2010

Mick who?

Rambling Ron
Rambling Ron's picture
Joined: 25/03/2010

Before we snipe at our local Councillors, we can only judge by performance past and very recent.
1. Tenacity of get things done.
2.  List weekly or monthly achievements
3.  List what they expect to deliver.
In the traditional sense politicians are slippery as an eel, and spin, some actually believe the drivel they spout.
Local Councillors are expected to deliver, and be accountable. The parties they represent are so out of touch, with the likes of local people.
Mick Jones impressed me at a meeting, and the team who put the effort into the clock. Some make a difference, well done to those who try.


pegwin's picture
Joined: 29/03/2010

Mr Taggart raises an interesting point.

Council performance is the key word.  Now that there are three liberals representing the Cheadle and Gatley ward  with no one now left to harangue them at Council level it is interesting to speculate  on  just when this august body of individuals propose to live up  pre election promises  made in connection with the future of our village.
Please note :- The activities of  the local ward, liberal  councillors.
1.. Pam King .  Continues to stay away and her input  is very negative. .
2.  Iain Roberts. Now more executive than parochial.
3.  The newest edition whose name just escapes me. A man of few words who arrived on the scheme pre election  with very little pedigree and  a minimum  of plans or ideas  for the future  remains  conspicuous by his absence
They seek him here they seek him there but the  apparant vow of silence  and lack of manifesto on  the part of this pimpernel  seems to have attracted little comment worthy of mention.  
Meanwhile  with almost three months have elapsed since the election  nothing seems to be happening.   Our  Liberal dominated councillors must be either very self assured or very complacent  if they are prepared to allow Gatley to continue to moulder on without any declared plans for the future , or do they have some sort of cunning plan ?? 

Scrounger's picture
Joined: 25/05/2011

It will be interesting to see how the council performs in this area.
Now that we have the 'honour' of three LieDum councillors - will they 'pull their fingers out' to 'do their duty' (badger the council officials responsible for hygiene / environs) or do they consider it 'job done' - no worries, no need, no bother anymore ?

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Great crowd for the Sport Relief Gatley Mile today - lots braving the cold.
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