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John Hartley
John Hartley's picture
Joined: 25/03/2010

"I was wondering about going to every cafe in Gatley as a secret shopper and doing a review."
Much as it might be fun, Ron, I fear any review posted might have a short life. The site owners have a declared policy of not welcoming negative comments about local traders. I may not agree with that but I fully understand their reasoning. But it's why I no longer comment on local traders, whether I think they're good or bad.
Like you, I'm also happy to drive for an hour for dinner (nice place on Wirral earlier this week, for example). Have to say, if I was mad enough (and rich enough) to open a restaurant, I doubt if I'd choose Gatley as a location  at present.

Rambling Ron
Rambling Ron's picture
Joined: 25/03/2010

I am open minded when i try something new in the cafe place. I like value for money, includes a generous portion. Clean cutlery, a napkin. A person who says hello and a welcome smile.
I paid a visit to another place, not too far from the above coffee shop. No welcome, no smile, in fact i thought i was in the way. The food was ok, and the portion was generous, but i hate cold plates with hot food.
I chatted with her from indoors, and people watched for a while, seemed a cross section of folk using this place. I had a second cuppa (my treat).
Our favourite restaurant, is over an hours drive away, where to quality of food is exceptional, comfortable seating, and the staff are so warm and welcoming. As you can gather it gets very busy, and again the staff take it in their stride, are just thoughtful.
No loud music, nice background music, and still have a conversation. I dont get out much. as i simply not that keen on what is served.
On principal i leave no tip for poor service.  Catering people work very hard normally. and i have left a generous tip before now. But i have worked hard for the money i spend, so i want value and service and i keep coming back.
I was wondering about going to every cafe in Gatley as a secret shopper and doing a review. But i guess i am too fussy.
I will try a breakfast in Gatley tomorrow.

Rambling Ron

Etcetera's picture
Joined: 03/09/2010

I hope we get a nice restaurant in Gatley soon... maybe an Italian or a Spanish - sick of Takeaways or Indian / Chineese... the ones we have are good but dont need more!
Id rather spend my money in Gatley than in Cheadle / Didsbury and a taxi home.... 

Etcetera's picture
Joined: 03/09/2010

I think its really interesting to see the reviews and thoughts on here - Gatley clearly has a range of outlets appealing to different people - which is great news!
I have to say we love the new coffee shop. Its spacious and relaxing - we dont have to worry about prams being in the way of people or staying too long. I adore good coffee and cake and whilst i havent tried the sandwiches yet the bagels and bacon butties are lovely. My husband, son and daughter enjoy our trips there. My son and husband get their bacon butties there on a saturday and my husband and i have a chance relax and catch up after a week at work. I can meet up with my friends who have prams and young babies and we dont have to negotiate steps or narrow doorways or worry about being in the way all the time.
The people who run it are clearly passionate about coffee and have reacted to its popularity by employing more staff. Sometimes you may have to wait a while for your coffee but thats often the beauty of it - its not a coffee chain and each drink is individually prepared. i am sure as time goes on any service issues will deisappear.
I am not sure what people expect from a coffee shop - arent they places to chat and have a cuppa?? Having said that i think sunday afternoons do have events. I am used to paying Starbucks / Cafe Nero prices and these are slightly cheaper and the product is far superior. I hope they do well and encourage other businesses.

Sienna (not verified)
Anonymous's picture

I am sorry to read such disappointing experiences from some of you. But you know where you are all going wrong? You didn't try the hot chocolate! :)
I haven't been living in Gatley that long and I haven't tried Armenique yet but sounds like it's worth a go. I did really enjoy the breakfast at Mathers - it was as good as the gatleynet members said it would be. 
Bossco is still my favourite place to go for a lovely ambience, welcome and coffee.... So I guess it is all down to personal choice. 
At least we can say that we gave the new coffee shop a try and perhaps if they are reading these reviews, they could comment here and /or take the constructive feedback on board.  Maybe they are appealing to a very specific market and we aren't it?

S x

pegwin's picture
Joined: 29/03/2010

The impact of the new coffee shop.
Regret to say that it is disappointingly  minimal and at this stage amounts to little more than an r outlet for a a chat scene with a cuppa.
After reading the intial reports form other subscribers I decided to pay a hands on visit one afternoon.  so as to formulate an opinon on its overall impact  with the following results.  Marks out of ten.
AMBIENCE / DECOR. 6.  Basic to spartan , and clean , but   more likely to appeal to the younger , coffee bar brigade , than the older end as was illustrated by the numbers of children present.
VALUE FOR MONEY. 5.  A  cup of acceptable coffee - £2.00. with ancillary confections similarly priced.
SERVICE.  3. It took over ten minutes  to make and serve my beverage.
At this rate there is plenty of scope for improvement on the part of the resident team , and improve they must if they are to challenge the the standards of the several opposing outlets within the village.
And, for the benefit of those with conflicting ideas , my comments  are intended  to be constructive rather then critical . 
Early days - Let's wait and see.  

Digger (not verified)
Anonymous's picture

Personally I thought the coffee at the new shop was far better but their sandwich choice was limited, so Armenique wins in that area for me.

Rambling Ron
Rambling Ron's picture
Joined: 25/03/2010

Well i went with her indoors, to the new coffee thingy. Her indoors loved it.Rambling Ron

John Hartley
John Hartley's picture
Joined: 25/03/2010

Mrs H tells me that she and her mate have tried the new coffee shop a couple of times now and will be going back to Armenique in future, as it suits them better there.

Gatley Festival
Gatley Festival's picture
Joined: 11/04/2010

Agreed - our committee have been in several times and everything was purfect - we may have to move our meeting there ;-) all we need is the invite!

Sienna (not verified)
Anonymous's picture

Tried to get in to the new coffee shop a week or two back and it was heaviing, so we didn't go in. 
But this morning, we went in purposefully at 9am and it was quiet, warm and empty. Just perfect for a Saturday morning, watching Gatley start to wake up whilst hugging a hot cup of chocolate (large). 
OK, I am going to put this in writing now. The BEST cup of hot chocolate I have ever had!!! It was fab. I don't know what he did to it - he says it's a secret - but it was thick, creamy, chocolate-y but not sickly (like when coffee shops put whipped cream and marshmallows and sprinkles on - it's too much). No, in Goldilocks's immortal words "JUST RIGHT" :) 
So if you don't do anything else this February, whilst it's cold, treat yourself to a LARGE Hot Chocolate and just chill out in this really cosy cafe. I'll be going back for more, that's for sure :)

S x

Digger (not verified)
Anonymous's picture

I could have sworn that I updated this, or started a new thread, about the Red Lion. It looks as if the work has started in converting it, the builders have been in for a week or so now.

Rambling Ron
Rambling Ron's picture
Joined: 25/03/2010

Digger,I tend to miss the point at times. Just me rambling on. I understand the maths does not add up, not my best subject at school.
Rambling Ron

Digger (not verified)
Anonymous's picture

Sorry, Ron, I think that you missed my point. I accept all those reasons for price increases, I was pointing out that their sign put it all down to the recent VAT increase, which didn't add up. 

Sienna (not verified)
Anonymous's picture

Well all I can say, RR is that you are really lucky that her indoors looks after you so well. I think we should all come round for tea, sometime....? :) Maybe it is the restaurant that Gatley has been waiting for LOL

Well I still have to try the new coffee shop - just haven't managed to get there yet but by all accounts, it sounds good and I think people should give it a try at least once because they will appreciate the support, being a new business.
Have fun!
S x

Rambling Ron
Rambling Ron's picture
Joined: 25/03/2010

The chip shop have to pay increased vat, gas electric, rent, rates, petrol for vehicles, increased cost of the humble spud. Equipment repairs, which seem to pop up, increased accountant fees. Also work long hours competing with other take a way's trying to make a living.  Ultimately the customer pays the price.
Catering has some of the hardest working people i have ever seen, yet not paid a lot.  I see a take away as a treat.
I hope to take her indoors to the new cafe, for a cuppa, and a cake if we can get a seat. Walked past the other day and it looked rather busy.
Hope it does well, Had a mathers breakfast, it was good. Her indoors is a master chef, loves cooking, so i compare everything to her high standards.
We go out for meals, and most of the time i am put off by poor service, tiny portions, and high prices. When i do find somewhere nice and ticks all the boxes i tend to rave about it, and recommend it to folk i know. 
So you might have me rambling on about the places i have tried in Gatley.  Secret Shopper..... Her indoors needs to get out more, but the meals we have at home, are just mouth watering. I look forward to a home cooked meal. I guess when i eat out, i expect something hot, cooked well and is tasty, and a nice portion. Her indoors has problems with portion control.

Guess i will look up the history of the humble spud, a veg that made millions, and probably consumed by most people in the uk at some  time in their lives. What would we do without the humble spud !
Rambling Ron

Digger (not verified)
Anonymous's picture

Yep, a restaurant is desperately needed. I tried the coffee shop yesterday and whilst the coffee was great, the service was a bit slow and the choice of sandwiches limited in my view. Still, early days yet, and I'd certainly call in for coffee and cake again.

gatleyduck's picture
Joined: 05/04/2010

Coffee shop is great - perfect for mums and young families with the crayons etc for the kids.  Its good for Gatley to have Mathers for breakfast, Coffeefix for families and Armenique for food - just want a nice restaurant for the evening and we are sorted!
Love how the curtain agency has done the shop!  We are looking good!

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