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Kitten free to good home

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Does anyone want (or know of anyone) who would like an 18 week old kitten? Black with white facial markings and white "socks" on each foot. Up-to-date injections, worm and flea treatments. Micro-chipped at Greenbank Vets. Litter-trained. Likes climbing very tall trees and then can't get down, hence needs a new home. If you have no tall trees in the vicinity then he's a belter. Free to good home.

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Digger (not verified)
Anonymous's picture

Yes, my network of Facebook contacts came up with a couple of leads. One backed out but the other was genuine and Freddie departed for Blackpool yesterday.

Gatley Person
Gatley Person's picture
Joined: 16/12/2011

Have you found a new home for him yet?

Digger (not verified)
Anonymous's picture

Ah well, it looks like the Cats Protection people then.

Digger (not verified)
Anonymous's picture

He is, and a good looking kitten too. Unfortunately no takers yet, although someone wanted to take him following the unfortunate death of their previous cat. But his wife said it was too soon so it fell through. Still looking.

Gatley Admin
Gatley Admin's picture
Joined: 29/03/2010

Sounds quite the adventurer and a real personality!

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